Teaching with Spatial Technology (TwiST)

UPDATED June 2017
TwiST2018 Recruitment update

Due to Clark College suspending the TwiST program for 2017 and the time crunch to develop an alternative site and program TwiST will not be held in 2017.  WFPS discussed hosting a TwiST program in Las Vegas (in conjunction with a WFPS Board meeting) utilizing professors in Michigan or Montana, however, the time from was too short to secure speakers and a venue. As the program was not in place, I did not recruit any teachers for 2017.  If you have identified teachers to participate, please let them know the program has been suspended for the year but will be held in June 2018. The Twist Workshop application is not available until spring 2018.

Teachers Grades 6-12

Montana Association of Registered Land Surveyors and the National Council of Examining Land Surveyors and Engineers will sponsor teachers to attend the Teaching with Spatial Technology (TwiST) program being offered on the Clark College Campus in Vancouver, Washington over the week of June 19-24, 2016. This program is designed to teach educators how to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in the classroom. The skills and knowledge obtained through this course will allow teachers to create lesson plans to captivate and engage the minds of students with hands-on activities and modern technology.

What do the educators get out of it?
  • Skills and knowledge to create exciting lesson plans utilizing GPS and GIS technology
  • A Garmin GPS handheld receiver and PC cable for downloading data
  • ESRI GIS Software to utilize in your classroom
  • Hand Compass, thumb drive and other training materials
  • Professional Development Units depending upon state requirements
  • A great experience and learning opportunity
What does the Montana Association of Registered Land Surveyors get out of it?
  • A partnership with educators who will have a better knowledge and understanding of our profession and can help recruit students into the land surveying and mapping industries.