Illinois Mutual Disability Insurance Plan

The MARLS BOD recently recognized Illinois Mutual as a preferred carrier for individual disability insurance.  As part of the  Illinois Mutual Association Program active members would be eligible for a 5% discount when they purchase disability insurance from Illinois Mutual through Raymond Kojetin.

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Remember your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income; and suffering a disabling event, (whether accident, injury or illness-related), can cause a short or long-term disruption to this paycheck.  With Income Protection you can insure this paycheck, thus protecting this highly valuable asset.  Also be sure to inquire about the Return of Premium Rider, which allows for a 100% reimbursement of your premiums at age 65, 66, or 67; minus any claims dollars paid to you over the life of the policy.  We call this the ‘No Loss’ rider, because if you become disabled and need the policy to support you then it is there; however if you never trigger the benefit you received 100% of your money back!

For answers to any questions, help with quotes, and support for this opportunity contact agent Ray Kojetin at [email protected].  Remember it is your association membership that provides the valuable access to a discounted Disability Insurance policy; however it is your responsibility to Insure your Income!!

I have known Ray Kojetin and have used his insurance services for over 6 years.  Ray seeks to understand his client and their family in order to understand all of their insurance needs and how he may best serve them.  He will inform you of all his insurance services and will help you as little or as much as your needs require.  He not only treats you as a customer, but as a friend. 

-Kurt Luebke, PLS, CFedS