30 Jul NOTICE: NGS Terminating CORS FTP Service on August 16, 2021

NOTICE: NGS Terminating CORS FTP Service on August 16, 2021
Update from Brian Shaw, NGS Regional Director

NGS FTP is going away and this was were many users and vendors went to download CORS data.

I also wanted to share the location for the archived datasheet shape files.  Currently we have two versions of the shape files the production and the beta where the beta have significantly more attributes from the text datasheet.   The beta shape files will be moving to production in the upcoming month or two.  Here are the locations for these archives that have also been migrated off the FTP:

Production Datasheet shape files

Beta Datasheet shape files.



FTP (file transfer protocol), which is used by our users for downloading important datasets such as CORS data, is being deprecated globally across NGS. FTP is no longer going to be supported by Chrome and other browsers, and this decision to deprecate FTP will maintain security of our data and services. The impact to most NGS users is expected to be minimal, and datasets currently available on FTP have been transitioned to HTTPS.

Decommissioning NOAA CORS Network (NCN) FTP service on August 16, 2021

Be advised that beginning on August 16, 2021 any FTP attempts made to NGS CORS will fail.

Please visit the NCN Data & Products page for details and examples:

All users must begin using these NCN https services:

Finally, NGS recognizes some users may have hard-coded links to FTP for harvesting data from the NCN, so changes to software may be required. If you have questions about any vendor-supported software, we recommend you contact your vendor directly.

For all other questions, feel free to contact the CORS team at [email protected].

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