14 Jan For Sale – Oak stamping block/anvil for Aluminum Survey Cap

Oak stamping block/anvil for Aluminum Survey Cap

Oak Stamping Blocks info

The oak block is designed to accept aluminum survey caps having a nominal stem diameter of 1-1/4” or less and the cap may be inserted from either side of the block.   Caps having a top diameter of 2-1/2” or less may be stamped at any point on the cap and it will be supported.  For caps having a top diameter larger than 2-1/2”, it is recommended the stamping take place only where the cap is supported by the block.

The block has a single coat of tung oil finish to help preserve the wood and should last for years.  Paste wax or tung oil applied to each end of the block each spring (at least once a year) will help preserve the block for a longer time.  After time the surface of the block may become splintered from constant impacts, when this happens either replace the block or sand it down to remove the splinters.  The oak splinters will pierce the hand easily if care is not taken.

Blocks may be ordered at [email protected], larger size blocks are available and a price will be quoted at the time of the order.  The quoted price of each block purchased will be billed to you and paid directly to MARLS and the funds will go to either the Scholarship Fund or the Aid Fund, your choice.  All blocks will be delivered in February at the MARLS Conference.

Rich Jensen, PLS

Single block:    $25.00 each

3 or more blocks: $20.00 each

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